Ready for even more growth, connection, and profit to help sustain your community? You are invited to become a FOUNDING MEMBER...

Ready for even more growth, connection, and profit to help sustain your community?

The online networking and training community that CONNECTS you with other successful coaches, consultants and speakers to get support, knowledge, and mentorship so you can grow as a leader (and start earning the income you deserve).

Have you ever wondered why building a profitable, connected, and authentic community feels so… lonely?

It’s not just you, my friend.

So many leaders are trying to do it all — community, business, and pretty much everything — completely alone.

I mean, if it was just about connecting with your people, it would be a piece of cake. (You’re great at that!) But, it’s not.

And that barely scratches the surface…all while still trying to stay afloat in other areas of your life.

There’s no question you are here to make an impact (and let’s be honest…an income would be great, too!) while also building and serving your community. It’s both your purpose and your passion.

But sometimes it feels like while you’re giving it everything you’ve got, something is still missing.

I mean, there are some coaches and consultants who are earning six- and seven-figure incomes through their thriving communities! Yet here you are doing the work of six people and are still barely earning an income — OR, your community growth and engagement is at a standstill.

There’s got to be a way to build a community where you can serve your community deeply without sacrificing your time or sanity — and without having to do everything out of pocket hoping that it’ll all pay off… right?
Can you imagine what it would feel like to have a profitable community without having to do it all yourself?
Because the truth is, you already know…

And you’re in the right place to make it all happen.



Roberto Candelaria is a Business Coach and Profit Strategist on a mission to get more coaches and online entrepreneurs to move beyond revenue that just pays the bills, into profits that actually bring you the freedom you’ve been chasing.

Results oriented, Roberto has been helping his clients win at life + business for more than a decade through strategic positioning and the right partnerships that are wildly profitable.

Warren Carlyle is THE Community Building Strategist. For almost a decade, he’s worked with large and small brands alike to build wildly successful social media campaigns–focused on building community, creating loyal customers, and implementing partnerships that just make sense.

Warren has grown his own nonprofit community to nearly 1,000,000 members. Both a strategist and naturally fun, he knows how to grab the attention of the right people, making him a valuable asset to any marketing team or small business looking to grow their brand’s potential and profits.


Profitable Community

Academy FOR?

Life Coaches & Business Coaches

You’re a great coach, and more people need to know it! You are ready to learn how to create a community of your ideal clients to build a thriving business.

Course Creators, Speakers, and Experts

You’re an industry expert with an online course, podcast or platform who is looking to facilitate conversations, increase engagement and scale your revenue by building a community.

Influencers and Creators

You have influence as a result of the content you create and you’re looking to take it to the next level alongside others with the tools you can use to make your life easier.

Group Admins

You are great at providing value and keeping people engaged in online communities. You’re ready to transform your group into a community that earns an income and rewards your members.

It’s time to join a community of leaders who are eager to make this journey with you.

Whether you’re just getting started building your online community or you’re looking to grow or monetize your current community, you’re working overtime to serve your people.

But the reality is that

you need community, too.

Having a place where you can go to connect with others building profitable online communities can help lighten the load so you don’t feel like you’re always going at it alone.

Just ask profitable community leaders what their secret is — they’ll tell you having a community to collaborate with is the backbone of their success.

Imagine what it would be like to…

You’d never feel alone again.

That’s what’s waiting for you inside Profitable Community Academy
Are you Ready for

more growth, connection, and profit to build the community of your dreams?

The online networking and training community that connects you with other successful coaches, consultants and speakers to get support, knowledge, and mentorship so you can grow as a leader (and start earning the income you deserve).

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside as a Founding Member:


We’ve got answers!

An online training and networking and training community that connects you with other successful coaches, consultants and speakers to gain support, knowledge, and strategies so you can grow as a leader (and start earning the income you deserve in your community without sacrificing connection)
If you are a coach, consultant, podcastor or speaker who is looking to network with other leaders and build a profitable online community, Profitable Community Academy is for you. As a networking and training organization, we are a central hub for you to find both connection and collaboration with other leaders along with affiliate/joint venture opportunities. We offer ongoing training, Q&A sessions with experts in the industry, virtual networking, and live events.

The Propel Mastermind is a 12 month group coaching and mastermind program led by Roberto & Warren. If you’re interested in having Roberto & Warren as business coaches through the mastermind for a year, the next group starts in January 2023. The investment is $15,000.

Roberto & Warren will be active within the community platform responding to posts and host some of the monthly trainings and Q&A’s. During these Q&A sessions is the best time to show up live and get coached by Roberto, Warren, and the other group experts.

We do not offer refunds, but you are welcome to cancel anytime to stop any future recurring payments! You will keep access to the community until your renewal date.

You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time by emailing Canceling will stop any future recurring payments. You will keep access to the community until your renewal date.

Our founding members will have access to ongoing benefits such as:

  • A private community where you can connect, collaborate, and learn from like-minded community leaders
  • Twice Monthly Topic-Specific Q&A Sessions with Guest Experts
  • Monthly Deep-Dive Topic-Specific Masterclass by Guest Experts
  • Core Trainings: Access to the 9 Core Training sessions of PCA where we’ll work through The Profitable Community Blueprint, including an onboarding assessment to find where the right place to start for you is! ($997 Value – Releases Feb 1, 2023)
  • Core Trainings: Access to the 7 C’s of Highly Profitable Communities. This core training is designed for communities at all level. (Releases Feb 1, 2023)

For starters, you get to join for our introductory rate of $490 per year or $49/month! There’s also a one-time $997 unlimited option with no recurring charges.

You’ll also get…

  • Grandfathered membership rates after your initial investment
  • The chance to have your voice and input shape the future of Profitable Community Academy through a community survey for founding members only
  • Potential opportunities to teach masterclasses within the membership

Have additional questions? We’re here for you! Please contact us at and we’ll get you the information you need to make the best decision for you!

The founding members’ price is $49/month OR $490 for an Annual membership, which is a full year for the price of 10 months! Yes, that’s two months free. There’s also, for a limited time, a $997 one-time fee unlimited pass which have NO recurring charges – ever.

A quick note about whether Profitable Community Academy is right for you...

Whether you have an established online community or are just getting started, if you can’t wait to connect with other leaders, learn the latest community growth and engagement strategies, and monetize your community through products, partnerships, programs and collaborations, you’re a perfect fit! If you love sharing your wins and the steps you took to get there, then Profitable Community Academy is the best place for you to do it!

On the other hand, if you’re not serious about building an online community where you can serve, or you’re just looking for that “get rich quick” or that “bro marketing” thing, then Profitable Community Academy isn’t the best fit for you.

Our community is filled with strong heart-centered leaders who take action, ditch excuses, and love to give back as much as they take because we all believe in building genuine relationships with and for our communities. If this isn’t where you are right now, that’s totally okay! But we do recommend finding another membership that best suits your needs.


that will help you reach the next level as a leader while building a profitable community?

Grab your spot as a Founding Member of Profitable Community Academy and become an integral part of our community TODAY.

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